Another Great Review: Granite Countertop Warehouse Provided Excellent Service in a Collaborative Project

“As a manager of a woodworking studio, I frequently have to collaborate with other contractors to complete a kitchen, bath or another room in a clients’ home.
I chose Granite Countertop Warehouse for a client who only needed a portion of a slab, as it was a unique countertop size and who insisted on having Corian- in a certain color! These guys went back and forth with me for a couple of weeks to help me narrow down the color choices and the best options for this client. Then we were done installing our cabinets, I called Bob and they quickly began their process.
They were expeditious in their delivery, knowledgeable about the various products and very skilled tradesmen according to my client.  Oh, did I mention that they have great prices? Well they do!
I really appreciate it Bob, Dan & Dan.  I look forward to working with you guys again and I will be sure to refer any business to you that I can
.”Tiah Y


“We appreciate the awesome feedback, Tiah. We loved working with you too! Just know that our staff is always ready to assist you!” –  Granite Countertop Warehouse