Project Profile: Bianco Sardo Granite Bathroom Vanity in Atlanta, GA

Type of Job: Bathroom Vanity

Material: Granite

Color: Bianco Sardo

Length of Backsplash: 4”

Edge: ¼ Roundover

Sink: CB-1813 White (Large Rectangle Ceramic Vanity Sink)

Designer: Jacquie Moore


For this bathroom project, we installed a polished Bianco Sardo granite vanity top with ¼ Roundover edge and 4 inch backsplash.  The surface was sealed with DRYTREAT, guaranteeing 15 years of strong protection from liquids, stains, and scratches.


Bianco Sardo is a granite that has white undertones with very fine specks of white, grey and black mineral deposits evenly patterned throughout its surface. When paired with light colored cabinets, its fine detail will stand out and add texture to your design.  It has become a popular choice among designers and homeowners because its neutral color can blend beautifully with most colors and bathroom designs. If you need a neutral, yet elegant granite color for your kitchen or bathroom, Bianco Sardo is a great choice to consider!


Here are some photos of the installed bathroom vanity top with white cabinets:



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