Cleaning and Maintaining Granite Countertops

The unique colors and patterns, like the amazing and one of a kind Volga blue granite add an elegance and sophistication to any kitchen area and provide an incredible cooking and work area. In Georgia, there is a high demand for granite countertops in Atlanta and an even higher demand in cities like Norcross, Alpharetta, Rome, and even granite in Dallas!  If you want to preserve the stone’s beautiful look, you must take care of them properly. These suggestions for cleaning and maintaining  your granite countertops will ensure that they remain beautiful from the day you install granite countertops to the years ahead.

Granite countertops aren’t as porous as marble or other stones, but they can soak up liquid and weaken over time if not properly maintained. To keep your countertops at their prime, make sure that they’re sealed every year or as needed. You can have an expert do it for you or you can do it yourself. Simply purchase a granite sealant from a home improvement store and follow the instructions. If you’re unsure whether you have to reseal the countertops, put a little water on the surface and if it beads up, you can wait for a while. If the stone soaks up the water, it’s time to reseal!

Although your granite Norcross ga counters are durable, abrasive cleansers can damage the stone and destroy its seal. Never use any acidic formulas, especially those containing lemon, lime, or vinegar, in addition to harsh chemicals like ammonia as well as bleach. Instead, use mild cleaners, like dishwashing soap or a cleanser developed particularly for stone counters.

Each day you’ll likely just need to wipe down the countertop with a dry towel to remove any dust or grime. Select a soft towel to lift dirt and dust off, as opposed to simply pushing it along. If you spill anything on your countertop, clean it up as swiftly as you can. The longer that a liquid remains on the countertop, the greater probability that the stone could absorb and stain it. Be specifically mindful with oily or acidic spills, which are most likely to discolor the granite if you are not careful.

Even though you may take great care of your Rome granite kitchen counters, some damage can still occur over time. Cracks and fissures may show up on the surface and near the seams. Do not attempt to fix this on your own! Instead, speak to a professional as soon as you see the damage.  Waiting too long for repairs can cause more damage and cost you a lot more in the future.

These ideas can help in maintaining your one of a kind countertops and truly have a legacy granite in Alpharetta. Your beautiful granite can be enjoyed for many years ahead with proper care.