Color Spotlight: Juparana Granite

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Did you know that Juparana Granite is named after Juparana Lake in Brazil, where it’s quarried? This granite is usually a peach to yellow color, with black markings and veins, as well as swirls of gray. What’s common among the variations of this stone is the waves of movement that can be found in its surface.

If you’re looking for a unique color for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you need to consider Juparana Granite. We have different variations of this stone like Juparana Arandis, Juparana Sunset, Juparana Delicatus Gold, and many more.

Juparana Granite Countertops for Kitchens

Juparana Countertops for Kitchen

Installing Juparana Granite countertops is an ideal option if you want to achieve a cozy and warm ambiance for your kitchen. You may match it to light-brown or dark-brown cabinets or pair it to light-colored kitchen backsplash just like in this kitchen inspiration.

Visit our showroom to see the different variations of Juparana granite or reserve a slab of this beautiful stone here.

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