Coordinating Colors in a Room

To begin with, a neutral foundation is everything! Take all your home furnishings out and paint the walls with a crisp light gray or white paint. Everyone continuously asks which color paint I like the best, but you really cannot just pick one and hope it works for your home. I encourage everyone to examine each paint color in your home first. Go buy some samples, and paint small examples on the wall. See how the color changes throughout the day and how the colors appear in your room throughout the night.

Make sure your furnishings are similarly neutral. A standard base lets you add on top of what exists and not feel like you have to stay within a pattern confinement. You buy a sofa or simply go buy a slipcover for the one you presently own. Remember, with home furnishings you do not have to stick with whites and gray tones, although those are great, do not be reluctant to select an item in an indigo or a soft sage. This adds more depth and is still basic enough that you will not quickly grow tired of it.

Next, it’s time to select what kind of rug presence you prefer happening in your home. It is great if you prefer a big rug for the room or if you presently have a rug that you think would work well layered over or under some new rugs.

The easiest way to alter any room with color is to add pillows. They can change the whole vibe and look of an area! Simply make sure that the colors blend together. It helps to select a single item as a starting point. Keep whatever you think works, and if it does not work for the room, then remove it. This process may take a while! Go through and customize your look a number of times and spend time viewing and experiencing it.  Most significantly, do not just purchase pillows. Be unique and go beyond your comfort zone.  Ideally you’ll have a cool mix colors and textures. There you have it– color, pattern, and a bit design.

Add foliage as the last part of your project. A conventional houseplant offers life and color to an area. Go to a nursery and request a plant that will work well in your room. Because certain plants need a certain amount of light, let them know the light circumstance you have in the room.

Now that your room is perfect, it’s time to enjoy it!