Crown Molding in the Kitchen

The concept of including crown molding in the kitchen, either along the ceiling or above your cabinets is great way to update the room. Crown molding is also an incredible and affordable decorating concept for a bathroom. When paired with a luxurious unique stone counter, a bathroom can go from average to spectacular! Black marble countertops can certainly take the room to another level. Crown molding is an attractive addition that actually increases the value and look of any area in your home. When you add crown molding it also enhances the hidden colors in your stone countertops, especially if you have a stunning black granite  like the unique Labrador granite or Galaxy granite. It’s also a project that you can take on yourself.
Crown molding does not have to be white either. There are a wide range of crown molding designs and colors to pick from. Mix and match different styles for each area of your home, for an updated look.

Secrets to Decorating your Kitchen