Color Spotlight: Absolute Black

If you are looking for a dark, subtle stone, but with a luxurious look and feel, you should consider Absolute Black granite.


From afar, Absolute Black granite is pure black. There are no variations, no mineral deposits, and no imperfections that can be seen. If you are looking for the blackest of all black granites – this is for you.


When you are up close, you are then able to see that there are very small grey mineral deposits that are scattered throughout the stone. They range in color from light grey to dark grey in color. In rooms with lots of natural light, these mineral deposits may be slightly more noticeable. However,  in darker rooms, you will not be able to see them.


Would you like to have Absolute Black granite in your kitchen? It’s available at GCW at an incredibly low price! Reserve a slab now or stop by our showroom to see this stunning granite countertop in person.