Decorating a Kitchen on a Budget

Everybody wants to have a stylish kitchen area, but not everyone can afford to pay for a designer. By following a couple of quick suggestions, you too can easily have the exact same attractive looking kitchen but without needing to waste a lot of hard earned cash.

To begin, see if you own a few copper or bronze items or cookware such as kettles, trays, or mugs. A useful strategy is to set them on display. Set them on a kitchen island or counter for an elegant, but quick and easy look.

Putting a small table lamp on the kitchen countertop will have several functions. Although it will provide some light, it also could also serve as decorating piece. Pick a lamp to incorporate color, either with the base or the lampshade. The light from the lamp will give the kitchen an inviting feel and can even be a nightlight.

Another simple and way to decorate is by showcasing one-of-a-kind dishtowels, some cookbooks or decorative platters. You can fill blank wall space by hanging plates as decorative items. Painting the wall surfaces a neutral shade is simple and easy. This alone is the quickest method to improve the look of any room! Adding a vase of fresh flowers or a basket of fresh fruit on the counter will add color to your kitchen. If your kitchen area has good, natural sunlight, include a few small planters with herbs. Not only will you have fresh herbs for cooking, but you will also have some beautiful plants to display.

It’s unbelievable what a fresh coat of paint can do for kitchen chairs or barstools. You can also add cushions if you don’t have any or if you do, switch them out with a different design or color. Don’t forget about the windows! An easy idea is to add window scarves. Put holdbacks or either end of each window and drape a sheer curtain scarf over it. You can purchase a neutral color or go bold with color!

Lastly, you don’t have to shell out money in order to get a wonderfully decorated kitchen. Just be resourceful and use items you actually have or you can buy one or two pieces to add personality and beauty to your kitchen area.

Secrets to Decorating your Kitchen