Design Ideas for a Small Kitchen Area

The main design goals for a small kitchen should be to reduce clutter, boost efficiency and connect it to the rest of the home. Each design decision should aim to give the kitchen area a good vibe and to make it more practical. Adding a stone countertop will give a small kitchen a new personality at an affordable price. Soapstone counters or granite counters are both great options for a new, luxurious look. Because the kitchen is small, the granite countertops price per square foot allows it to fit into most budgets.

Ideas for decreasing clutter include stacking cabinets in 2 rows to enhance storage space. Use integrated spice racks and vertical tray slots to help arrange small or unusually shaped items. Eat-in kitchen areas can also be de-cluttered by utilizing chairs without arms or stools that fit under a counter.

Removing doors or a wall from a small kitchen enhances traffic flow and opens the kitchen area to the other spaces. Small details such as glass-fronted cabinets and a light color tone can make a small kitchen area feel airy and light.

Increase the storage capability by installing cabinets with several drawers and storage compartments. Small cabinets make good use of an unused wall area. If you have the space include a kitchen area island with Corian countertops or even Soapstone counters, along with bottom storage. The island can also double as a dining table for two! Choose cabinets with 2 or three compartments that can be combined, if necessary for a larger storage area. Keep in mind that the cost of Corian countertops or other stone counters will be very affordable because the amount you need will be much less in a small kitchen.

In conclusion, some great decorating suggestions for a small kitchen are blending different light colored tones, adding contrast with dark and light including light toned countertops, tiling a mosaic backsplash in neutral colors, and upgrading wall colors for a refined, yet remarkable change.