Designer Spotlight: Galaxy White Granite Pairs Beautifully with Earth-Tone Kitchens


Designer: Christopher Welsh
Location: Sharpsburg, GA
Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops
Sink: Blanco 440185


Designer Notes: Christopher Welsh’s client had been doing minor remodeling in her home and wanted to replace the old countertops in her kitchen. She wanted a countertop that would best complement the existing colors of the cabinets and the flooring.


Christopher showed her a photo of their best-selling granite colors and she initially wanted to go with the Giallo Itabella. Since there was already an earth tone in the kitchen, Christopher suggested that it would be best to go with a lighter color for the counters. A lighter toned granite would brighten up the kitchen and freshen up the colors of the cabinets and flooring.


Christopher then showed her a photo of Galaxy White granite and she instantly agreed with his suggestion. His client also picked a Blanco 440-185 for her sink, which he thought was a fabulous choice. The client was completely satisfied with Christopher’s recommendations and with the final look of her kitchen! In fact, she has already referred him to a relative who is also remodeling their home.