Even Small Kitchen Changes Can Make a Difference

There are a number of ways to transform your kitchen area without spending too much. A few simple and easy changes can give the whole kitchen a new and exciting look and feel.

In many kitchens, cabinets cover a large part of the room, so changing or updating them can have a huge effect. If you are not able to totally replace your existing cabinets, you can simply update your old ones. One way to change them is by removing your cabinet doors, cutting out the front panel, and replacing them with clear glass panes. This gives your kitchen an open and airy look. You can also paint your cabinets or re-stain them darker for a new look. Even updating the cabinet handles alone can make a big difference!

A fresh coat of paint or new accent color on the walls can actually make your kitchen area pop! Think about adding a mosaic ceramic tile backsplash or ornamental accents for a unique appearance. Including a few new lighting fixtures will add more light and create a completely different ambiance. Bar lights, under-cabinet lights or other fixtures can provide a new feeling to your entire kitchen area.

Updating your kitchen countertops is a fantastic way to give your kitchen area a completely new look without an excessive financial investment. You can choose from many materials, like granite, Ceasarstone quartz, marble, or Corian counters for a luxurious high-end look. Today’s granite countertop prices are unbelievably affordable and will definitely transform any kitchen into a room you love being in.  If you have the space, include an island.  Not only will it add more storage space and more room to cook, but it adds an area for entertaining and dining. You can have the same countertop as the rest of the kitchen or add a different color or material for a different look. A neutral color choice, like White Galaxy granite, Delicatus granite, or Juparana granite will give you decorating versatility when you want to change up your style or decor. Cheap kitchen countertops are even found in natural stone for a beautiful and updated look. Simple and easy changes can have big results in any kitchen!


Affordable Granite Kitchen Countertops