Extreme White Granite Kitchen Countertops in Marietta, GA

Type of Job : Kitchen Countertops

Material : Granite

Color : Extreme White

Backsplash : 4 inch

Edge : ¼ inch Bevel

Sink : UR5050-32-RA 50/50 UM SS 16G Double Bowl IPT

Designer : Dan Harper


In this featured project of the week, we fabricated and installed Extreme White polished granite slabs that were directly imported from Brazil. Our fabricators customized the slabs with a ¼ inch bevel edge profile and a four-inch backsplash.  The countertops were paired with white cabinets, along with installing a double bowl under-mount sink. Dry-Treat was applied on the countertops to protect them from stains, scratches, and color fading, keeping them looking brand new for years to come.


Extreme White is a beautiful granite color that is composed of tiny specks of black and grey minerals throughout its surface. In a room with a lot of natural light, the minerals will seem to sparkle and shine. Its clean white color and interesting design make it a versatile granite slab that can look amazing when installed with most cabinet colors. 


When paired with white cabinets, Extreme White granite achieves a timeless and elegant look to your design. However, when installed with dark cabinets its mineral colors will stand out even more. Whether you’re going for a classic or a contemporary style, this granite slab will definitely make a great focal point in your design. 


Here are some images of the Extreme White granite kitchen countertops that we recently installed for a customer in Marietta, GA : 





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