Houseplant Care

Keeping your houseplants looking beautiful and healthy is rather simple and calls for very little of your time. It’s easy if you simply try a couple of little techniques. You can say good bye to ugly, boring houseplants and sayhelloto to gorgeous, strong and healthy plants.

A simple feather duster, believe it or not, is the easiest way toclean your plants. Include your houseplants as part of your cleaning routine. Brush away spider webs, dead leaves and dirt with a gentle stroke of a feather duster. You will actually be shocked by how much better they look by just doing this easy step.

Plants sometimes need a bit of shine, so look no farther than your kitchen pantry! Merely saturate a small fabric, cotton or microfiber, in olive oil. Meticulously rub each leaf with the oil drenched towel. This tip will leave your plants looking healthy and plenty of shine.

In some cases houseplants can get damaged. Depending on the size of the stem, you could use a toothpick or a chop-stick to fix it! Simply use a tape covered toothpick or chop-stick to keep the stem in place. This helps the plant until it grows back together. For bigger plant stems, use a craft stick or wood dowel with a string or cord. Likewise, houseplants that begin to droop can be propped up utilizing the same approach. Simply place the stick parallel to the stem of the houseplant for balance. Attach the plant with thread or string, making sure that it’s not too tight.

One fun method to dress up your plants is to put little accents like wire butterflies or other cute wire insects. You can even make a little trellis for a little vining houseplant with an old wire hanger.  Bend the hanger into a heart or any other shape. Putit right into the dirt and the vine will grow around the shape. Take a look around your home and you may discover other items to use as a trellis.

If you have a larger plant, try including some smaller sized plants at the base for a fascinating look. Your plant will be fuller and have a lot more personality. If you wish to add different colors to the plant, include some flower bulbs and see what different colors can do!