New Review: Crower Countertops, Committed to Assist the Needs of Clients

My wife and I have purchased countertops from Crowe for two homes and have been totally pleased both times. Our counters were delivered as promised and right on time. They were beautiful!
Our most recent experience truly demonstrates Crowe’s commitment to their customers. Within a week of installation, I stood on an unsupported end of the slab (fully MY mistake) and broke the slab in two.
Crowe Countertops personnel instructed me how to fix the slab and avoid a costly replacement. No one can even tell it was broken.
Thanks Crowe Countertops! You are the best!“ –
Dennis Jones


Wow! Thank you for highly commending Crowe Countertops, Mr. Dennis. We will always be glad to help our clients. It’s our pleasure to help provide the solution to your broken slab. Know that we’ll always be available to assist you whenever you have inquiries about our services and products, just give us a call.