New Review: Granite Countertop Warehouse Provides Excellent Customer Service!

“We were so pleased with our first granite countertop for the kitchen from Granite Countertop Warehouse,  we even went back a second time when we remodeled our master bath. The sales rep was very helpful and patient with us, and they had a large selection of stone.  When we redo the other baths we will go back to them again. The fabrication and installation was pretty much flawless. Customer service was pretty good as well, after the installation of the bathroom counter top we found a rough surface on the corner, and they sent a crew out within a reasonable time and we are 70 miles away from the warehouse. It turned out it was a natural defect of the stone, and the service rep polished it out to perfection. I would certainly recommend Granite Countertop Warehouse if you are looking for granite counter tops.” – Ron Best

Thank you Sir Ron for taking some few moments in giving us these positive reviews. We are totally in awe and overwhelmed that you love our work despite noticing some natural defects from the stone. We are glad that you appreciated how our service rep polished the stone to fix the natural defect. It’s our pleasure to provide only the excellent customer service for each client we have. Thank you very much for commending Granite Countertop Warehouse.