Outdoor Granite Countertop Care

Outdoor kitchens are a wonderful addition to any home. There are many beautiful and popular granite colors to choose from, including Baltic Brown granite, Giallo Napoleon granite, and the stunning Typhoon Bordeaux granite.

First, test the granite countertop to see if it needs to be sealed. Pour some water on the countertop surface. If the water puddles, then the sealant is still working. If the water seems to even penetrate slightly, you will need to apply a sealer to help prevent any stains that may occur from wine, sodas, condiments, and foods. Sealing outdoor countertops isn’t required as often as indoor counters since sun and rain will work to eliminate any stains that do occur. For general cleaning, you simply wipe off any grime or dirt with a mild detergent and water or a cleaner formulated specifically for stone countertops. You may also consider using a stone shine enhancer when needed, to give the granite some added shine.

During the winter months it’s a good idea to cover your granite countertops as well as any outdoor kitchen appliances and furniture. This will provide protection against, snow, ice, wind, and water when not in use.

Maintenance and care for granite outdoor kitchens, along with any granite counters is pretty simple and easy.  The granite countertops cost is an investment in your home and investment in your lifestyle. With proper care, your granite countertops can last a lifetime!