Project Profile: Bella White Granite Countertops in Meansville, GA

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Granite

Color: Bella White

Edge: ¼ Bevel

Sink: SB-408 18G UM SS (Single Bowl)

Designer: Kina Arthur


For this project, our fabricators customized and installed polished Bella White granite countertops with a ¼ bevel edge profile.  A single bowl undermount sink and a dishwasher bracket was also installed in one of the counters. We used DRYTREAT to seal all the surfaces and ensure fifteen years of strong protection from stains, scratches and color fading.


Bella White has always been one of the most popular white granites in our warehouse.  It has a soft gray undertone with specks of black and grey minerals that are evenly scattered throughout its surface.  This neutral-colored stone is very popular worldwide because of its versatility.


Bella White granite is preferred by many designers because it can blend well with most colors of cabinetry, whether they are light or dark.  When used in a room with a lot of bright natural light, this surface may appear white and its mineral detail will be highlighted. In rooms with low lighting, it will appear darker and look more grey.  


Here are some photos of the installed kitchen countertops:




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