Project Profile: Bianco Carrara Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Brookhaven, GA

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Quartz

Color: Bianco Carrara

Edge: ¼ inch Roundover

Designer: Cynthia Zayn


In this week’s featured project, we have a kitchen upgrade project that we completed for a customer in Brookhaven, GA.  The customer selected 3 cm Bianco Carrara quartz slabs, which we fabricated with a ¼ inch round over edge and a farm sink cutout in one of the counters. After customizing the slabs, we installed them in the customer’s kitchen with medium-gray tall cabinets and white walls.


Bianco Carrara is a luxurious white quartz stone that is directly imported from Italy. It is known for its clean white color palette and soft intricate veining details throughout the slab. It pairs beautifully with most cabinetry colors while also standing out with different interior design styles. When paired with other soft neutral colors, its captivating beauty will be even more emphasized and create a high-end look in the design. 


Aside from its eye-catching appearance, Bianco Carrara is a top choice by many homeowners and designers because it is affordable, non-porous,  extremely durable, and just about maintenance-free. Bianco Carrara is the perfect quartz color if you want to achieve a luxurious, high-end look in your kitchen or bathroom. 


Here are some images of the Bianca Carrara quartz kitchen countertops that we fabricated and installed for a customer in Brookhaven, GA:





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