Project Profile: Fantasy Brown Marble Bathroom Vanities in Laceys Spring, AL

Type of Job : Bathroom Vanities 

Material : Marble

Color : Fantasy Brown 

Edge : Eased 

Sink : CB-209 White Vanity Oval Sink IPT

Designer : Cynthia Zayn

In this home improvement project, our fabricators customized  polished Fantasy Brown marble slabs that were quarried in Brazil.  The vanities were installed with eased edges, a white oval sink in one, and both with a rich, dark brown cabinet. Dry-Treat was also applied to the marble, securing long-lasting protection from stains, scratches, and color fading for years to come.

Fantasy Brown marble is characterized by its dominant cool brown tones with creamy and grey waves patterned throughout its surface.  It is not your ordinary marble because unlike other slabs, it is more dense and durable, which is why it is often mistaken for a quartzite. When sealed properly, it will be even more resistant to stains and scratches, and can last a lifetime!

Fantasy Brown’s neutral colors and subtle details make it adaptable to a range of designs and styles. When combined with dark cabinetry, it creates an elegant and contemporary look. However, when paired with white or cream cabinets, its rich brown color and mineral swirls will stand out even more and create an interesting focal point inside a room.

Here are some images of the Fantasy Brown Marble bathroom vanities we recently installed for a customer in Laceys Spring, AL:

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