Project Profile : Magma Black Granite Kitchen Countertops in Woodstock, GA

Project Profile : Magma Black Granite Kitchen Countertops in Woodstock, GA

Type of Job : Kitchen Countertops 

Material : Granite

Color : Magma Black

Backsplash : 4 inch

Edge : ¼ inch Bevel

Sink : SB-408 18G UM SS (Single Bowl) IPT

Designer : Dan Harper

In this kitchen upgrade project, our fabricators customized polished Magma Black granite slabs, with a ¼ inch bevel edge and a four inch backsplash.  A single bowl undermount sink was also installed in one of the counters and DRY TREAT was applied on all the surfaces to secure years of long-lasting protection against stains, scratches and color fading. 

Magma Black is a stunningly beautiful granite with a black landscape and thin gold veining that forms a unique design.  Granite slabs are naturally very durable and highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor projects.  Each slab of Magma Black is  unique, with the lines and patterns taking different courses throughout each slab.  To reach its full splendor, Magma Black granite is best paired with simple and light colored cabinetry.  Otherwise, the kitchen will seem busy, with too much going on in the design. 

Here are some images of the Magma Black granite kitchen countertops that we installed for a customer in Woodstock,  GA : 

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