Project Profile: Magma Blue Quartzite in Atlanta, GA

Type of Job: Reception Top

Material: Quartzite

Color: Magma Blue

Edge: Eased

Designer: Beth Farist


For this project, we installed a polished Magma Blue quartzite reception top with an eased edge. The surface was sealed with DRYTREAT, ensuring twenty-five years of strong protection from scratches, stains and color-fading.


Magma Blue quartzite is a high-quality surface with a unique design. It’s detail is unlike any other surface that you will find. It is comprised of several colors and complex pattern. There is a variation in every slab which makes it different from one another. Magma Blue quartzite has an unmatched elegance and durability which makes it perfect for use in corporate offices. It is also durable against wear and tear, and will surely last for many years.


Here is an image of the reception that we installed in Atlanta, GA:



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