Project Profile: Santa Cecilia Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops in Dallas, GA

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Granite

Color: Santa Cecilia Classic

Backsplash : 4”

Edge: ¼ Roundover

Sink: Double Undermount Sink

Designer: Rosemary Ybarra

For this kitchen renovation project, we customized and installed polished slabs of Santa Cecilia Classic granite with a four inch backsplash and a ¼ roundover edge.  A double undermount sink was also installed in one of the counters. Our most trusted sealant, Dry Treat, was applied on all the surfaces to ensure that it will all be resistant to stains and scratches for up to twenty-five years. 

Santa Cecilia Classic granite is universally popular because of its beauty and design versatility.  It is composed of soft beige colors with random specks of brown, black and gray.  Its natural density can withstand most elements and pressure, which makes it a perfect material for both indoor and outdoor projects.

When you look at its design and colors from a distance, you will see that the dominant color is a creamy gold. Once you take a closer look, you notice that there are varying 

sizes and specks of black, white and gray minerals scattered throughout the countertop.  Each slab is different, with each being unique in color and pattern.

The colors may vary under different lighting conditions; under natural sunlight or intense indoor lighting, the gold and yellow tones will be highly noticeable, while the minerals will seem to sparkle.

Here are some images of the Santa Cecilia Classic granite kitchen countertops that we installed for a customer in Dallas, GA :

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