Project Profile: Santa Cecilia Light Granite Vanity Top in Big Canoe, GA 30143

Type of Job: Vanity Top

Material: Granite

Color: Santa Cecilia Light

Length of Backsplash: 6”

Edge: ¼  roundover

Sink: CB-209 White (Small Oval Ceramic Vanity Sink)

Designer: Cynthia Zayn


For this project, we installed a polished Santa Cecilia Light granite vanity top with ¼ roundover edge, and a small oval ceramic vanity sink. DRYTREAT was applied on the surface to ensure that it will repel all kinds of liquids and remain stain-free for fifteen years.


This granite has a creamy white background color, with specks of gold, black and dark grey minerals scattered throughout the surface. It is widely used in many kitchen and bathroom projects because of its neutral color combinations and patterns.


Here is a photo of the completed job:


Santa Cecilia Light vanity top


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