Project Profile : Silver Waves Granite Kitchen Countertops in Roswell, GA

Type of Job : Kitchen Countertops

Material : Granite

Color : Silver Waves

Edge : Eased

Sink : Double Undermount

Designer : Lori Sheen-Janeira

For this kitchen project, we installed polished Silver Waves granite countertops with an eased edge. A double undermount sink was also installed in one of the counters. Dry Treat was used to seal all the surfaces, ensuring that it will be resistant to stains, scratches and color-fading for up to twenty-five years.

Silver Waves is a stunning granite slab from India.  This granite color has a solid black undertone with mesmerizing waves of grey and white mineral deposits throughout its surface.  It’s not just beautiful but also extremely durable, and heat and cold resistant.  It is ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications, especially for kitchen and bathroom countertops, and for flooring as well. 

Silver Wave’s dominant black color gives it the flexibility to be paired with most colors and still stand out.  Pairing it with white cabinetry will give a dramatic look to your kitchen, with the white in the granite being emphasized.  However, it can also look amazing when paired with darker colors. This combination of dark colors gives a modern and minimalist look to any kitchen area.

Here are some images of the Silver Waves granite kitchen countertops that we recently installed for a customer in Roswell, GA :

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