Project Profile: Thunder Cloud Marble Counterop in Atlanta, GA 30331

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertop

Material: Marble

Color: Thunder Cloud

Edge: Eased

Designer: Dan Harper

For this kitchen project, we installed a polished Thunder Cloud marble countertop with an eased edge and a full backsplash. Its surface was sealed with DRY TREAT to ensure that it will repel liquids and remain stain-free for many years.

Thunder Cloud is a natural slab of stone with light grey undertone and decorative lines of  dark grey and brown minerals that are beautifully patterned throughout its surface. This unique stone has an attractive detail that will surely stand out in most kitchen designs. It’s famous for its versatility because its neutral color can pair perfectly with most colors of cabinetry. If you have dark brown cabinets in your kitchen and you would like to add texture to your design, Thunder Cloud marble is the right countertop for you!

Here’s another photo of the installed countertop:

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