Quick Home Cleaning Tips

Any spills are better off dealt with as soon as they occur, especially on kitchen counters in order to avoid any permanent stains or discolorations. However, there are some surface materials like quartz that are actually stain resistant and basically maintenance free. A very popular choice today is white quartz countertops because of their beauty, small upkeep requirements, and the decorating flexibility of the neutral color.

When cleaning, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to clean from the top to the bottom. Anything you remove by cleaning like dust or cobwebs will travel down. To refrain from cleaning again, make sure to start off on top. Use the duster first and after that a moist cloth. Dust debris hold on to damp surface areas much easier compared to dry ones. Save effort and time by dusting then progressing to damp cleaning. Whenever you are cleaning your computer monitor, keyboard, or any other electronic item, apply the cleaning product directly onto the towel, not on the item. This ensures that it doesn’t permeate the inside and ruin it.

Be sure to always read the label of any cleaning product along with the object to be cleaned. If a rug says dry clean only, do not attempt to clean it, even with just soap and water. Allow any cleaning products time to do their job. Spray the cleaning solution on the dirty surface and leave it alone. If you wait around 5 minutes, the soiled surface will be easier to clean. If you have a delicate material to clean, always try your cleaning product out on obscure place especially if you are using a new product. Also remember to use protective gloves and an apron when cleaning, especially when working with harsh chemicals. Store your cleaning products and items together to keep things organized and save time searching for what you need.

By cleaning frequently and applying these basic tips you should be able to maintain your cleaning to a minimum.

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