Simple Tips to Selecting the Perfect Toilet

Simple Tips to Selecting the Perfect Toilet

Not all toilets are the same. Buying the best one for your needs and budget can be intimidating, but considering a few simple recommendations can help you find the perfect one.

The first thing to think about is the shape of the toilet bowl. The basic options are an elongated bowl and a round bowl. The round one tends to be two inches shorter, and serves well for small rooms. The larger elongated bowl is actually more comfortable as well as hygienic since there is less splash on the toilet.

The next detail to think about is the toilet size. There are many options, with varying lengths, widths and heights. Be sure you measure the space available for the toilet to make sure it fits. You also will need to take into consideration precisely how far the center of the toilet bowl is from the wall, because this restricts the size of the toilet.

In the United States, all toilets must have a 1.6 gallon tank to conserve water. In gravity fed toilets, the weight of the water from the tank pushes the waste by way of an S shaped trap way, as the siphon that is produced clears the bowl. With pressure assisted toilets, air in the tank is compressed as it fills up with water. When flushing, the pressurized air pushes the water more strongly into the bowl, resulting in a far better flush. This appears to be really good, but there are a couple of disadvantages. The expense is a lot greater, coupled with the cost of fixing if it is needed and it is significantly noisier than a standard tank.

There are also one or two piece toilets. Two piece toilets are more typical and reasonably priced, and feature a separate tank and bowl which are connected when the toilet is installed. One piece toilets have 5 or six parts that are seamlessly linked into one piece. They are more expensive, but they are more stylish, easier to clean, and smaller, rendering it perfect for smaller sized areas.

Some toilets even have unique features developed to make it easier to use and maintain. There are toilets that have a higher seat, making sitting down and standing a lot easier. One such toilet has a ceramic coat which inhibits bacteria and mildew buildup, helping make the toilet very easy to clean. Another company even has an insulated liner that stops moisture build-up on the outside of the tank. Some luxury toilets even come with heated seats, warm air drying systems and built-in bidets!

Remember that toilets can be found in a large selection of color tones, sizes and features. The more features, different colors and sizes you want to get, the higher the price.



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