So Many Colors…How do I choose?

Brazilian graniteYou have finally decided that you want Granite countertops- you’ve done the research. You may have even  decided what color you would like. If not, we offer a free design team that is available to you. They can help you with picking the perfect stone for your project and within your budget. They can also show you the many options we have available for you. We have over 4000 slabs and 150+ colors, so you have a lot to choose from.

When choosing a color, you may want to take a sample or picture of your cabinets, wall paint, and flooring. This will help you see how the different colors will work with your existing décor. For example, dark cabinetry with black color granite, may overpower the kitchen. Also, you need consider the kitchen’s lighting. If your kitchen has little natural light, selecting a granite color that has a significant amount of white, gold, or even a lot of light-colored specks like Bianco Antico  or Giallo Ornamental, will lighten the total look of the room. Dark colors look best in areas that receive substantial light. Pendant lighting makes a good lighting option to enhance the beauty of the stone and highlight the many colors within the granite.

Whatever color granite you decide on, we are here to assist you from the beginning to the end of your project. Because we are a granite countertop fabricator, our prices are low!    Our dedicated staff will be with you from the design, to the fabrication, throughout the installation, and even after your project is completed.