Trendy Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalist designs mean that less is more; the less you add to a design the more it shines. These designs are becoming more and more popular- it is actually the newest trend in kitchens! Typically, minimalist style colors are monochrome: gray, white and black. No need to add any artwork, just let it speak for itself.


As you can see, this kitchen really embraces the minimalist look. The creamy white walls blend beautifully with the light wood flooring, while the unique lighting fixtures emphasize the  elegant simplicity of the Silestone Marengo Quartz countertop. Silestone Marengo is a stain-resistant, non-porous and extremely durable quartz surface. With a minimalist approach, this kitchen shows that there isn’t one thing  that outshines the other, but rather it gives a balance to the entire area. Thus, every single piece of this kitchen stands out in their own way. This is an awesome minimalist style execution using various shades of gray. Embodied with elegance and sophistication, this kitchen design is suited for anyone, regardless of gender or age.


If you’d like this minimalistic kitchen style and want it for yourself,  Granite Countertop Warehouse can help. They offer Silestone quartz surfaces in various shades including Marengo Quartz that is featured here. Great products, Great prices, and Great service!


Stop by Granite Countertop Warehouse today or give them a call to see how you can get this amazing kitchen in your home.