Project Profile: Uba Tuba Granite Kitchen Countertops in Dallas, GA

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Granite

Color: Uba Tuba

Length of Backsplash: 4”

Edge: ¼ Bevel

Sink: Double Undermount

Designer: Dan Beck


For this kitchen project, we installed polished Uba Tuba granite countertops with a ¼ bevel edge and 4” backsplash.  A double undermount sink was also installed in one of the counters. The surface was sealed with DRY TREAT to ensure that it will repel liquids and remain stain and scratch free for fifteen years.


Uba Tuba is a natural stone quarried in Brazil. Just like any other granite, this stone’s color may vary from one slab to another. This unique stone has a dark green undertone with small flecks and veins of black, gold, brown and grey minerals patterned throughout its surface. When you look at it from afar it may appear black. However, when you look at it closely under a lot of light, you will notice that it is made up of several colors creating a beautiful design. Uba Tuba is a versatile stone that is widely used by many designers and homeowners. When sealed and maintained properly, this durable stone will surely last for years to come.


Here is a photo of the installed countertop with white cabinets:



Here is a close up photo of the slab:



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