Update a Kitchen with Bright Colors

Transform your kitchen by eliminating any dark and dreary items and adding unique, bright decorative pieces and painting any walls with light colored paint. This will make your kitchen come alive! You may not even realize that a few pieces are making the kitchen less inviting and dull. You may want to consider replacing your dull, outdated countertops with new ones. There are many countertop materials available that can completely change the look and vibe of an outdated kitchen. Granite kitchen counters are always a great choice and the granite cost is more affordable than ever! For a fun and pop of color you can go with a red granite like the stunning Typhoon Bordeaux granite  or with a mesmerizing color like Blue Bahia granite. Another option is engineered stone.  Quartz countertops are not only beautiful, but they are also nonporous, durable and are offered in many colors that can brighten and totally update your kitchen.

Coordinating Colors in a Room