Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a fabulous way to change your kitchen’s appearance without having to go through the trouble  and expense of a total renovation. You can paint the outside of the cabinets a new shade or you can re-stain them for a richer look. Brown granite countertop colors. like the always popular Bainbrook brown have been very popular with homeowners that are trying to pair lighter brown cabinetry. These colors blend well with a variety of styles and themes. A great idea is to add glass door inserts instead of having a plain cabinet door. There are many options besides simple clear glass, such as engraved, crackled, patterned and even color glass. Adding small cabinet lights also gives your kitchen cabinets even more personality.  You may want to consider replacing your outdated countertops with new ones since in today’s global market, the granite prices for new counters, along with the cost of Corian countertops are at an all time low. Gray and white colors are especially  popular and sought like White River granite, Alaskan White granite, and Arctic White granite because of their decorating and style versatility.