What are Caesarstone Countertops?

Caesarstone countertops are basically a name brand of quartz countertops.   However, Caesarstone is the original manufacturer of quartz counters and the name Caesarstone has become synonymous with quartz. It is an engineered stone product comprised of 93% natural quartz that is combined with high-quality polymer resin to bind it together.  Pigments are then added and made into dense, non-porous slabs.

Quartz is one of nature’s strongest minerals.  Caesarstone countertops are non-porous, resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks.  They are ideal as kitchen and bathroom countertops because they are hygienic and extremely durable, and also impervious to heat and cold.

Caesarstone colors are numerous and with many different styles available. The unique properties and durability allow for a wide range of edge profile design options. They are strong and easier to maintain than granite. Although the Caesarstone price is generally slightly more than granite, they’re not porous, so they generally don’t require maintenance other than simple cleaning.

The cost of Caesarstone countertops can vary from one dealer to the next. It’s a good idea to shop around to get the best price.  Every Caesarstone counter is of the highest quality and comes with a lifetime residential warranty or a ten-year commercial warranty!